NEW: Live King Crab

We have extended our product line to include Norwegian Live King Crab. As the leading distributor of seafood products on the Costa del Sol, we can now offer this exciting, high-quality new product to our customers all-year round.

The supply of Live King Crab is not only in response to an ever-increasing consumer trend, but also offers attractive economic benefits, a superior yield and is, especially in the high-end of the market, a unique selling point. Our Live King Crab may be stored in an aquarium visible to your guests*.

Live King Crab on the Costa del Sol

The entire process from catch to delivery is focussed on achieving maximum tenderness, flavour and, of course, freshness. Based on a combination of modern science and centuries of tradition from both Russian and Norwegian fisheries, our Live King Crab is sustainable as certified by Friend of the Sea and fully traceable on an individual level: from fisherman to end-consumer.

During storage, each Live King Crab is sorted by meat ratio and provided an optimal feeding regime, as well as optimised cleaning and tendering regimes. Throughout storage, each Live King Crab is monitored individually and subjected to a final quality control before shipment.

Live King Crab distributor for Marbella and Malaga

* Subject to water chemistry and temperature requirements