Japanese Chef Barbara Nobuko Young

Barbara was born in Kobe, Japan. With a British father and Japanese mother and being raised in one of the more cosmopolitan cities in Japan at the time, Barbara had a very culturally diverse and rich upbringing. Her love for cooking started at an early age and many of her tastes and techniques were passed down to her through her family; simplicity and home flavours remain a strong feature in what she does today.

Her love for Spain was nurtured through her schooling life where she attended a Roman Catholic School in Japan run by the Spanish Carmelites. After studying Russian language at university, Barbara started a family and moved to the UK in 1978. Barbara eventually came to reside in Spain in 1988 where she has been ever since.

Her cultural diversity is also very evident in her cuisine. Her understanding of Western and Asian flavours has been visible throughout her career. Before Japanese cuisine became truly prevalent in Europe, Barbara opened her own restaurant in Marbella in 1990, Yakko. She then went on to hold numerous positions in restaurants on the Costa del Sol. She has also catered privately to clients that she has established personal relationships with over the years.

Barbara joined King Crab Spain in 2014 and is responsible for preparing classic and creative sushi. In drawing from her experience, Barbara uses local and international produces and brings together different flavours to draw out the Umami in her creations.